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Re: Error while creating entries in OpenLDAP

> Hi Pierangelo,
>         Thanks for your reply.
>             for error #1) I did a grep to check if 'aliasObject' is
> defined in any of my schema files. But it seems its not there. What can
> I do to get the schema definition for 'aliasObject'?

It doesn't exist in any standard track schema document I'm aware of.  If
you used it, it appears that you may know what you're doing.  Otherwise,
just don't use it.  If you saw someone using it, ask him/her.  All I can
tell you is the reason of the failure, but I can't help in curing it.

>             and for error #2,  I didn't quite well understand why
>                 dn : cn=Jonathan Adams (with description),
> ou=Europe,ou=Search, o=IMC, c=US is not working but at the same time dn
> : cn=Jonathan Adams, ou=Europe,ou=Search, o=IMC, c=US   is working??

If you read the document I directed you to, you would have noticed that it
says that the attributes used in the RDN, with the value that's used in
the RDN __MUST__ be present in the entry.  In you example, the entry
contains a

        cn: Jonathan Adams

but no

        cn: Jonathan Adams (with description)

so it is invalid, as the error message is clearly telling you.


Pierangelo Masarati

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