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Re: python-ldap says "Critical extension is unavailable" and "Internal (implementation specific) error"

Am Do, den 23.09.2004 schrieb Kurt D. Zeilenga um 17:59:
> At 03:14 AM 9/23/2004, Ingo Steuwer wrote:
> >we are using python2.3 ldap-modules (which are using openldap-libs) to
> >import several informations (Users, Groups and surounding structure)
> >into openldap 2.1.30.
> I note that 2.1 is considered Historic.  You should consider
> upgrading.

I have to consider working on the error-messages, would an upgrade
guarantee me that they disappear ? Beside that I'll give it a try as
soon as my test-machines are free.

> >Critical extension is unavailable
> >
> >and later also
> >
> >Internal (implementation specific) error
> >
> >I can't find informations about them, does anybody know under what
> >conditions they appear ?
> This message texts are related to the LDAP result codes
> unavailableCriticalExtension and other, respectively.
> I suggest you examine the server logs for details as
> to why they were returned by the server (assuming they
> actually were returned to the server).  Likewise, for
> busy.

Are there known reasons for this messages ? What debug-level for the
server-logs would you suggest (I hope that my AHrddisk is big enough to
store logfiles of changing the ldap for 30 hours) ?

> >Is there a limit in openldap about time/connection oder
> >number-of-changes/connection ?
> No.
> >Can I prevent such errors by reconnect each 1000 changes (for example) ?
> I don't know, can you?  That is, have you tried this?
> Kurt 

It took me some time to set up a testing envorinment, but no,
reconnecting doesn't help. After several 10000 changes I get the same
messages. Any hints are appreciated.

Ingo Steuwer