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Re: ACL problem posixgroup/groupofnames (w/ corrected)

> The schema in question, which defines posixGroup, is certainly out of
> date. There is RFC2307bis which updates the group semantics to use
> proper DNs, but even that draft expried a long time ago, and no update
> has been published. Still, if you adopt RFC2307bis you'll be in better
> shape than you are at the moment.

OK, I've updated the HOWTO at:
It now shows that the problem is an outdated schema rather than a bug.
Just out of curiosity, how much effort would be required to update to
RFC2307bis and how much closer would that get us to a resolution of the
issue?  I'm thinking that there is a possibility that it may not be
nescesary due to incomeing Mandrake 10.1, which I believe uses a more
recent version of OpenLDAP.  I'll check.

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