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Re: back-sql insert: entry at root denied

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

Another approach I'm considering, based on the usage many people I assume are doing of back-sql, is to provide a "fake" in-memory suffix entry, with the rest of the database being flat and based on a single view for the rest of the entries. Something much like the good old back-passwd...

I'll put this on the "short back-sql todo list" for view users... in the meanwhile, I suggest not to use HEAD code, or subtree searches with nonexisting baseobject will fail.

This is now in HEAD; read slapd-sql(5) for details on how to set up the baseObject so that it doesn't need to be actually stored in the database. Make sure the view sets each entry's parent to 0. The allow_orphans is no longer required (I might remove it at some point) but everything now likely needs to be rooted at the baseObject.


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