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Re: back-perl; where is it working correctly?

Richard L. Goerwitz III wrote:

After trying to build back-perl into OpenLDAP-2.2.17 under:

  RedHat Linux 9
  RedHat Linux AS 3.0
  Fedora Core 2

and after getting segfaults and other various problems...

This has been discussed here before, but just in case the point has been lost on anyone, it's possible to get OpenLDAP 2.2.17 running with back-perl on the above Linux distros if you:

  1) Rebuild Perl without threading
  2) Compile OpenSSL with CPPFLAGS="-DOPENSSL_NO_KRB5"

Rebuilding Perl without threading is a pain, because if you want
to do it 'right' you'll grab the source RPM and rebuild it with
threading turned off - then reinstall the RPMs so created.  Doing
this will highlight conflicts with software that seems to depend
on a threaded Perl, and you'll have to decide whether you need
this software or not.

It's a pain, in other words, but you can do it if you really
need to.


Richard Goerwitz                               richard@Goerwitz.COM
tel: 507 645 7015