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Re: back-perl; where is it working correctly?

Le 26 sept. 04, à 04:25, Richard L. Goerwitz III a écrit :

After trying to build back-perl into OpenLDAP-2.2.17 under:

  RedHat Linux 9
  RedHat Linux AS 3.0
  Fedora Core 2

and after getting segfaults and other various problems (even after
trying various combinations of patches suggested in various ITS
entries, e.g., ITS 2946), I'm kind of curious:

Who is using back-perl?

I do.

What environment did you compile it in?

OLdap 2.1.x / FreeBSD 4.10 / Perl 5.8.5 (use perl >= 5.6).
OLdap 2.1.x / FreeBSD 5.2.1 / Perl 5.8.5
OLdap 2.1.x / Sun Solaris 2.8 / Perl 5.6.1 (compiled with gcc 2.95.x) on sparc 64 with 32Bits binaries.
OLdap 2.1.X / Linux Debian Woody + Backports / Perl 5.8.5
OLdap 2.0.x / Windows NT 2000 Advanced Server / Cygwin / Active Perl

Would I be generally better off using back-shell?

I never used it...

Any suggestions from people who have successfully built back-perl
and are using it would be very much appreciated.

I use it as auth system for :

- postfix
- courier imap
- pure-ftpd
- lmtpd
- caudium VHS
- apache2 + mod_vhs (using libhome)

Work like a charm for more than 2 years.... I just have some segfaults on Solaris 2.8 platform, but I think this is perl 5.6.1 fault not openldap....


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