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Re: Asserion Failed when entry data using ldif

tir, 21.09.2004 kl. 04.06 skrev Logan Romanov:

> i was trying to add an ldif file into my ldap server,
> when the insertion is running,suddenly it stopped, and
> produce this message: 
> "slapadd: schema_init.c:1793: Uidvalidity: Assertion
> `0' failed"

NB! Uidvalidity

> it stopped in this part or my ldif
> -----part of my ldif--------------------
> dn: ou=aaaa,dc=bbb,dc=com
> creatorsName: cn=manager,dc=bbb,dc=com
> createTimestamp: 20040713042205Z
> modifiersName: cn=manager,dc=bbb,dc=com
> modifyTimestamp: 20040713042205Z
> objectClass: organizationalUnit
> ou: aaaa
> structuralObjectClass: organizationalUnit
> entryCSN: 20040826094121Z#000002#00#000000
> entryUUID:: 1N84hIuPECiNL5da1IqL4Q==

It doesn't seem to like the last line. Assuming you have Metamail
installed on your machine, do 'echo -n -e "1N84hIuPECiNL5da1IqL4Q==|
mimencode -u'. A normal entryUUID would look like
"5aa8e4c0-de29-1027-9c93-bf0788b51629" (at least on OL 2.2).
Edit/awk/sed out all the entryUUIDs in your ldif and let the server
create new ones.

There's nothing wrong with the entryCSN format, but you could remove all
those, too.



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