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Re: beginner problem

Hallo, Dieter,
(sorry, was not in the office for two days),
I had delete all data files (LINUX) under the default dir /usr/local/var/openldap-data.
start after deleting with debug gives back "panic- will reconfigure database" , system creates a logfile log.0000001 (?) and stops working.
This I could repeate with the same error messages,
next step was, I deleted the log file and result is, that slapd never starts and slapadd gives the information:
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server
Is there anywhere a config- file for the dbd, whitch is needed or is corrupted?
another question related to the answer: have I everytime to stop and to restart the slapd if I insert a new dataset? Is that a speciality of Berkeley DB or depends on LDAP- architecture?


>>Hallo, group,
>>I'm a beginner in LDAP, to get more informations I red some pages and
>>introducings from some sides, because for me it's hard to insert the
>>correct parameters without a real example, so that I can see the
>>correct syntax and value. There I found the info, for deleting the
>>whole database are to delete the files in the data-directory. So I
>>done and now didn't start again the slapd, in debug 4 I receive the
>>bdb_db_init: Initializing bdb database
>>bdb_db_open: dc=bionline.de
>>slapd starting

>slapadd requires the server NOT beeing running.
> What did you exactly delete?