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Re: configure: error: Berkeley DB version mismatch

Tay, Gary wrote:

1) As u may or may NOT be aware, a lot of Solaris8 machines do not have
GNU's binutils package (www.sunfreeware.com) installed BY DEFAULT, and
therefore do not have GNU's ld, I don't have it on my Solaris8 box,

Cameron seems to have it as he has /usr/local/bin/make.

"make" is not part of GNU binutils. It is its own package, so this assumption is unwarranted.

However I can't find binutils package for Solaris9, and I could not find
Solaris9 version of /usr/local/bin/ld on my Solaris9 box, Where is your
Solaris9 GNU version of ld come from? Did u use the Solaris8 version of
binutils package for Solaris9?

Most GNU utils come from www.gnu.org

2) I would like to share this comment from www.sunfreeware.com with all
of us:

"binutils-2.11.2-sol8-sparc-local.gz This GNU package includes the GNU
versions of the ld, as, ar, nm, ranlib, strip, strings and other
programs - installs in /usr/local. With some compiles, the use of Sun
versions of these programs may be better. The Sun versions of these
utilities come from the developer SUNW packages from the Solaris CDs and
are installed in /usr/ccs/bin. Which set of utilies gets used depends on
whether /usr/local/bin (GNU) or /usr/ccs/bin (Sun) are first in the PATH
environmental variable."

2.11.2 is a very old release of the GNU binutils. Probably not suitable for Solaris 9 or newer.

3) As Cameron seems to use Solaris8 GNU's make (/usr/local/bin/make) and
SUN's ld (/usr/ccs/bin/ld), could u comment if this is OK?

I think I prefer to follow the advice of sunfreeware, or logically have
tallied version of make and ld, be it SUN's or GNU's.

You're acting out of superstition, not knowledge. Also, as I noted already, "make" is not part of the binutils package, so the quote you post above has no relevance to the question of which version of make to use.

Yes, in general the Sun code manipulation utilities (ld, nm) work better than the GNU versions. But "make" doesn't touch the code, it is merely an executive that spawns the commands that touch the code. Feel free to use whatever version of make with whatever version of binutils. (Of course, speaking as a designer / implementor of GNU make, I believe GNU make is superior...)

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