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Some simple OpenLDAP questions.

I found my previous error, but I would still would like to
ask a few sanity-check questions.

The basic flow of the application is to repeatedly invoke
the following messages:
- ldap_initialize()
- ldap_set_option() (to version 3)
- ldap_simple_bind_s() (null password; directory requires none)
- ldap_search_ext_s() (single element lookup; returns single element)
- ldap_unbind_s()

My questions are:
- Am I calling the right functions in the right order to do
what I want?
- Is it OK to call _initialize, _bind, and _unbind repeatedly
like that? (I know it is not optimal, but is it OK?)
- Can I safely ignore the issue of control lists? (I am completely
ignoring that entire issue.)

Thank you in advance.

Mike West