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Address Matching Problem

Recently, I rebuilt my OpenLDAP database (LDBM) after exporting and
importing the data using ldapsearch and ldapadd w/ LDIF.  Something had gone
awry in the DB files and I needed to rebuild it from a backup.  All went
fine except that address-based searches no longer worked after the LDIF
import.  If I changed the schema for postalAddress (core.schema) to use
regular string matching rules instead of the list matching rules, the
functionality was recovered.  However, I would have liked to leave the core
schema file alone.   Any ideas on what could have possibly gone wrong in the
process, and has anyone run into similar problems with addresses or other
list-valued types?

I was running OpenLDAP 2.0.27-2.7.3 (A RedHat RPM for 7.2).

Thanks for any insights or experiences.