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Re: Problem on a architecture system.

At 03:07 AM 9/7/2004, OpenLdap Sadesi wrote:
>Hi There!
>I have to fix a problem on my architecture system. There is a server where
>the updates are done (write) which is replicating other read servers. The
>problem is when any application is implemented, we have to read from the
>write server to be sure the data we are reading are going to be definitive
>(considering the time is taking to propagate the changes onto the
>other servers).

Yes, if the applications need authoritative data, that
application should read from the server mastering that data.
(master => authoritative, shadow/slave => non-authoritative)

>It should not be like that, because it isn't its

LDAP/X.500 distributed data model is designed to support an
eventual convergent replication schemes.  If you don't like
it, don't use replication (or don't use LDAP/X.500).

>One possible solution

There is no current solution for slapd.  One could, in theory,
design and implement a replication scheme which transactional
consistency, but that simply doesn't exist at this time (and
likely not to exist in any near future).