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Re: [ERROR 80] Unknown error with multiple databases

I guess I haven't read enough of the Sleepycat's API,
and this would be a Berkeley's issue first, but would
it be reasonable to deal with this sort of issues -
at least, to print useful messages before dying?

It would be just great to get some insight into why
slapd is dying when it's not just its fault! (and
provided calls to external libraries can be efficiently
wrapped into exaustive diagnosis code, which may not
be trivial).


>> I wouldn't consider this to be a bug. More likely the machine just ran
>> out of address space for all of the memory mappings that BDB uses per
>> database environment.
> Maybe, although there was no DB_CONFIG file to start with, so BDB wasn't
> using many resources given its default set of values.  I guess we'd need
> to
> know the system's available resources to be sure.

Pierangelo Masarati

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