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Re: Newbie help - Thanks

Christy Mahon wrote:
Thanks to Daniel Gleich and Kurt Zeilanga for their
replies to my call for help the other day.
I've got ldapadd working now but (as it always seems
to happen) I've got two new puzzles:
1) The Quickstart guide says "Use your favorite editor
and create an LDIF file that contains:..." but it
doesn't say where to put the ldif file.

Does it matter? You are importing this data into your LDAP directory, after you have run ldapadd on it, it is no longer useful ...

I assume it
goes in the same place as ldap data. Right?

You can have it anywhere you like, on any machine that can contact your LDAP server.

BTW, rather than writing all your LDIF, consider using existing tools which will do this for you.

2) More generic question: When do you typically build
your ldap server? I want to use ldap for single logon
network authentication. Is it typically the first
server to build in the network? or is it typically
something you do after you've got say an NIS network

In general most people don't start this way, just because they have existing infrastructure. But, there's no point setting up NIS if you're just going to obsolete it ... if you don't have any authentication infrastructure, LDAP is probably one of the first few services you set up (maybe DNS would be a better idea for the first server - depending though whether you're storing DNS data in LDAP or not ...).


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