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password hash problem

Hi Lists,

One thing was really bother me a lot.I don't know how you handled this.
It is more easier to use LDAP with pam_ldap modules on authentication.In
order to use LDAP for password validation properly ,I must store
userPassword in  {CRYPT} hash .I have tried (1)slappasswd
(2)PHP(ldap_bind,ldap_search,...) ,it seems that it will do a password
validation using password-hash :{SSHA}
Two questions:
(1)Is that that true that I have to use {CRYPT} for userPassword if I want
to use pam_ldap??
(2)If my userPassword hash is {CRYPT},there is no way to use PHP LDAP
function or do a check of password  before change it by using slappasswd?