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Re: LDAP-dataloss after incorrect systemshutdown ?

--On Monday, September 06, 2004 1:21 PM +0200 Stefan Hasbach <Stefan.Hasbach@web.de> wrote:

Hello everybody !

We had an LDAP-Directory with about 200 entries but after an powerloss it
seems that alle entries are lost. We use Open-LDAP 2.1.30 on Debian 3.0
with bdb.
The machine was running the whole time fine and I added a lots of entries.
But after the powerloss there are only very old entries available, the
biggest part seems to be lost. Unfortunately I have no Backup of the
database. But is it possible, that all entries are lost because of an
incorrect shutdown? If I try to add an entry now which existed before the
crash, I get the message, that this entry still exists, but I can't
see/find the entry in the directory with LDAP-Browser oder
ldapsearch-command. Maybe only the indexes are destroyed? I tried to use
the db3_recover-command to recover the database but It wasn't successful.
Are there any possibilities I can try to rescue the data?
Thank you for your help.

Well, OpenLDAP 2.1.30 uses BDB 4.1 or later, so I imagine db3_recover isn't the right command to use...


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