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Re: LDAP-DB-crash after server-powerloss ?

At 08:56 AM 9/6/2004, Stefan Hasbach wrote:
>We had an LDAP-Directory with about 200 entries but after an powerloss
>it seems that alle entries are lost. 
>We use Open-LDAP 2.1.30 on Debian 3.0 with bdb. 

I presume you are using the LDBM backend with Berkeley DB (v3) and not
BDB backend (with Berkeley DB (v3)).

If so, running db_recover (or db3_recover if that's what its called
on your system, won't help as LDBM backend doesn't make use of
Berkeley DB's transactions (as BDB backend does).  (This is the
primary reason we recommend use of the BDB backend.)

I don't use LDBM anymore... so I'll leave it to others who
do to suggest ways you might be able to recover data from
the remains.