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Re: tsl troubles

SUBREDU Manuel <diablo@iasi.roedu.net> writes:

> Hi,
> I want to implement LDAP auth at my university. Until now, I've been
> able to create custom attributes and custom object classes and use
> without problems. Now, I'm stuck on TLS. What I have now. On the LDAP
> server I have created a CA and make some certificates to be used by
> the clients. If I try to connect to LDAP using TLS and a user account
> (in which I have a ~/.ldaprc where I have specified the path to the
> client certificates), all works fine. The question is: what options
> should I use to specify a system wide certificate ? All the
> tsl_certificatefile & friends options, seems to be user related
> (ldaprc, ~/.ldaprc).
>   Anybody have any ideea ?

man ldap.conf(5)


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