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Re: DB_CONFIG causes bdb_db_init FATAL or PANIC error, renaming it helps

Tay, Gary wrote:

Why don't the error msg says: "ERROR: Please reduce the cachesize in

Why doesn't the error message say "ERROR: Please go buy some more memory" ?
Why doesn't it say "ERROR: Please kill pid 15, it is using the memory that I need" ?

Computers don't have intelligence or judgement, that's where people come in. If you elect not to use your natural intellect, and would rather look for advice from your computer, you're not going to survive long in this world.

Meanwhile, the particular error message you're complaining about comes from the Berkeley DB library, so if you don't like it, you might want to ask the folks at Sleepycat about "improving" it. That discussion does not belong on this mailing list, but you might find a sympathetic ear over at news:comp.databases.berkeley-db


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Most likely you don't have enough free memory to accomodate the cache size you've chosen. By renaming the file and starting up, the BDB library creates an environment of its default size. Renaming back to DB_CONFIG after the environment has been created will have no effect on the cache or log settings. Use a smaller cache, get some more RAM, or kill whatever other programs are running that are using up the rest of your memory.

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