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Re: ./configure error

I can confirm this. I've included the BDB lib path in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then configure works fine.
This wasn't needed until 2.2.13 (2.2.14 not tested).


Armbrust, Daniel C. wrote:

Then what changed in 2.2.15 that makes it not build on my machine - without setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, while 2.2.14 (and all other older versions) build fine without me setting this variable?
And for yet others - it doesn't work when you set all of these variables:
(No one answered him, by the way)

*From:* Chapman, Kyle [mailto:Kyle_Chapman@G1.com]
*Sent:* Thursday, September 02, 2004 2:32 PM
*To:* Armbrust, Daniel C.; openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
*Subject:* RE: ./configure error

this isnt openldap being broken...
use either -R <path/to/Berkeley> , -rpath <path/to/Berkeley>, crle, ld.conf, ldconfig, etc... depending on youre os. -L on aix is sufficient to add the path specified to the exe/lib being built. these will tell ld where to look for libs at run time....