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Re: Including whitespace in ldap searches

Francis Swasey wrote:
Of course the last three DN's should be found. Spaces are not significant in the Name attribute matching rules.

Are there string matching rules where spaces are significant? Is so, what are they?

"When performing the caseIgnoreMatch, caseIgnoreListMatch, telephoneNumberMatch, caseExactIA5Match and caseIgnoreIA5Match, multiple adjoining whitespace characters are treated the same as an individual space, and leading and trailing whitespace is ignored."

Here is an example of the problem attributes, with filter (infranetPoid="* 8856996 *")
infranetPoid: /service/email 58856996 0
infranetPoid: /service/email 8856996 0

The infranetpoid attribute is being used by an application as a unique identifier for the LDAP entries (matching up to other applications which do not understand DNs etc).


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