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Including whitespace in ldap searches

G'day all,

We're having a slight bit of trouble with the automatic whitespace
removal feature.

Our clients need to be able to search on a unique number which is
embedded in an attribute field. The unique number is surrounded by
single space characters, and can be 7 or 8 digits long. The problem
comes when we search for a 7 digit number: because of the way wildcards
and spaces work together, and 8 digit number is sometimes returned.

Simply, we *need* to search on data delimited by whitespace. Is there a
way to do this? There was on our openldap v 2.0.23, but not any more on
v. 2.1.30. Does anyone have any ideas and/or suggestions?

Peter Hubbard - RHCE

Tel: 012 680 7278
e-mail: HubbarPD@telkom.co.za