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replication basic idea (newbie question)

Hi all....
im new in this list, im interested to learn openldap, and i have some basic question regarding to the replication, slurpd and ldapsync. i hope all experts here would'nt mind helping me.. Here we go
after reading early posting and having consultation with google, i conclude (please corect me if im wrong):
- slurpd is single master and many slave replication 
- anything changes in slapd, also make a change in slave as well
- any changes happen in slave, slave will redirect the changes to master, and master will make a change. FInally, the slave got the change from master itself (not when modification in slave)
- slapd and slurpd, a\cannot do partial replication, only the whole chunk of directory will be replicated
- in slurpd, master give the changes, not slave
- my question: if the master die for unexpected reason, can the slave make modifications? will it be kept locally then synchronized after master wake up?
- instead master and slave, it is provider and master
- ldapsync can do partial replication
- consumer asks for replication, not provider
- when provider change, in period of time the consumer modified as well
- when consumer modified, there will update referal to provider, and provider do modification. Finally, consumer get the changes when it does polling to provider.
- my question: if the provider die for unexpected reason, can the consumer make modifications? will it be kept locally then synchronized after provider wake up?
maybe this is it. I hope you guys would mind answering the questions. It could be the basic idea for many people who still haven't got idea about replication in openldap
Thanks a lot

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