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Re: how to make email address as unique in openldap database

tir, 31.08.2004 kl. 03.59 skrev Bala:

>        I am testing out openldap to store user
> details and authendication information for qmail, 
> in that I want to make user email address as unique.
>   ie, while adding new user, if the email address
> already exist in the ldap db, then it should give
> error and should not be get added, how to do that??
> or just point me where to read more about this??
> which part of config file and schema need to be 
> changed??

This is a Unix sysadmin question, not an Openldap question. I just added
1100+ users to an Openldap DIT from a list of first, middle, last names
using 100% awk to make the ldif file and giving the uids it produced to
sort. Amazing how many jdevries'es there are in Holland ;)


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