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Re: how to make email address as unique in openldap database

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

tir, 31.08.2004 kl. 03.59 skrev Bala:

I am testing out openldap to store user
details and authendication information for qmail, in that I want to make user email address as unique.

ie, while adding new user, if the email address
already exist in the ldap db, then it should give
error and should not be get added, how to do that??
or just point me where to read more about this??
which part of config file and schema need to be changed??

This is a Unix sysadmin question, not an Openldap question. I just added 1100+ users to an Openldap DIT from a list of first, middle, last names using 100% awk to make the ldif file and giving the uids it produced to sort. Amazing how many jdevries'es there are in Holland ;)

I guess it might be worth mentioning that in CVS HEAD there is an Attribute Uniqueness overlay that can take care of this task automatically. It will probably be released in OpenLDAP 2.3 but it works OK with 2.2 already, if you want to test it.

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