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Heimdal - OpenLDAP - RedHat redux

I'm trying very hard to implement kerberos auth services in an LDAP
database.  I've read the archives, and my head is still spinning.

>From what I can tell I have to ignore RedHat's versions of OpenLDAP, MIT
kerberos 5, and cyrus-sasl and openssl, and build each one in locally. 
Is this true?  

Is cyrus-sasl absolutely necessary?

I have LDAP working, Heimdal working, against my own build of Openssl,
and I think I have the correct permissions for ldapi://.  My problem is
Heimdal is not storing admin/ accounts in the LDAP database.  strace on
"kadmin -l init RPI.EDU" does not show any contact to ldapi://, but
creates db files in the 'pwd'.

Any help is VERY welcome.

My versions, so far:
RedHat Linux AS 3.0
OpenLDAP  2.2.15 - my build from source.
OpenSSL 0.9.7a - my build from source.
Heimdal 0.6.2 - my build from source.

RedHat's RPMs of cyrus-sasl

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