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Re: Configuration and auth problem]

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Assunto: 	Re: Configuration and auth problem
Data: 	Mon, 23 Aug 2004 16:27:32 -0300
De: 	William Marques <william@scinergy.com.br>
Para: 	Uni Kassel HRZ - Pascal Grabe <grabe@hrz.unikassel.de>
Referências: 	<004501c48941$a8220d60$bc47340a@GLVAIO1>

Uni Kassel HRZ - Pascal Grabe escreveu:

It's the original slapd.conf file, I've only added these two lines:

snip >>>

rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=g-link,dc=de"
rootpw secret
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Make sure there's no whitespace in front rootdn and rootpw in your slapd.conf, cause such thing can make this kind of error.

When I'm right the manual says, that this adds a superuser. But it will
not work. The installation is completely new, NO upgrade or so.

The syslog only says:

snip >>>

Aug 23 20:43:38 s01-esw slapd[18180]: slap_open_listener: bind(7) failed
for AF_INET, address:, port: 389 errno=98 (Address already in
<<< snap <<<

And the ldapadd command and p.e. the JXplorer says:

snip >>>

ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)
<<< snap <<<

What's wrong?

Thank's, rgds

Have you made a backup copy from your old slapd.conf? What changes you made?
You just change you slapd.conf or upgrade your openldap installation?

what your log's entries apoints to?


William Marques