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RE: Configuration and auth problem

It's the original slapd.conf file, I've only added these two lines:

>>> snip >>>
rootdn          "cn=Manager,dc=g-link,dc=de"
rootpw secret
<<< snap <<<

When I'm right the manual says, that this adds a superuser. But it will
not work. The installation is completely new, NO upgrade or so.

The syslog only says:

>>> snip >>>
Aug 23 20:43:38 s01-esw slapd[18180]: slap_open_listener: bind(7) failed
for AF_INET, address:, port: 389 errno=98 (Address already in
<<< snap <<<

And the ldapadd command and p.e. the JXplorer says:

>>> snip >>>
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)
<<< snap <<<

What's wrong?

Thank's, rgds

> Have you made a backup copy from your old slapd.conf? What 
> changes you made?
> You just change you slapd.conf or upgrade your openldap installation?
> what your log's entries apoints to?