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Problem encountered with slurpd

Dear all,

I have set up a master LDAP server and a slave LDAP server using slapd
.deb package with version 2.1.30-2. What I have done is copy all the
files under /var/lib/ldap/ from the master server to the slave server,
and duplicate the slapd.conf to the slave server. The only differences
of the two slapd.conf are as follow :

		replica	uri=ldap://
		replogfile	/var/lib/ldap/replog
		rootdn "cn=slaver,dc=example,dc=com"
		updatedn "cn=slaver,dc=example,dc=com"
		updateref ldap://
		readonly on

After that, I brought up the slave slapd first, then the master slapd
and slurpd. I can see there is a connection between the two server when
changing master data. However, when I change a record in the master, the
slave slapd server cannot update with part of the output returned as
follow :

---- Start of Output ----

=> get_ctrls
ber_scanf fmt ({a) ber:
ber_dump: buf=0x08123068 ptr=0x08123157 end=0x08123172 len=27
  0000:  30 19 04 17 32 2e 31 36  2e 38 34 30 2e 31 2e 31   0...2.16.840.1.1
  0010:  31 33 37 33 30 2e 33 2e  34 2e 32                  13730.3.4.2
=> get_ctrls: oid="2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.2" (noncritical)
<= get_ctrls: n=1 rc=0 err=""
>>> dnPrettyNormal: <uid=test,dc=example,dc=com>
=> ldap_bv2dn(uid=test,dc=example,dc=com,0)
<= ldap_bv2dn(uid=test,dc=example,dc=com,0)=0
=> ldap_dn2bv(272)
<= ldap_dn2bv(uid=test,dc=example,dc=com,272)=0
=> ldap_dn2bv(272)
<= ldap_dn2bv(uid=test,dc=example,dc=com,272)=0
<<< dnPrettyNormal: <uid=test,dc=example,dc=com>,
        replace: displayName
                one value, length 10
        replace: entryCSN
                one value, length 31
        replace: modifiersName
                one value, length 25
        replace: modifyTimestamp
                one value, length 15
send_ldap_result: conn=0 op=1 p=3
send_ldap_result: err=53 matched="" text="operation restricted"

---- End of Output ---

And on the master machine, there is a respective error printed on the
screen :

--- Start of Error ---

Error: ldap_modify_s failed modifying "operation restricted":
Error: ldap operation failed, data written to

--- End of Error ---

So, what's wrong with my config and how can I solve this ?? Thanks in
advance ~!!!