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Re: Also, Re: What is err=52?

Daniel Henninger <daniel@unity.ncsu.edu> writes:

> My config for the ldap backend consists of nothing but:
> database                ldap
> suffix                  "o=NCSU,c=US"
> uri                     ldapi:///
> suffixmassage           "o=NCSU,c=US" "ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu"
> lastmod                 off
> This this point.  I do not understand what could possibly be going
> wrong if this works for others.  All I know is the ldap backend (and
> only the ldap backend) starts only returning:

You have to specify the path to the socket, that is

uri  ldapi://%2Fpath%2Fto%2Fldapi


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