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Re: What is err=52?

Daniel Henninger wrote:

One of the symptoms of my o=NCSU,c=US redirect ceasing to work is that err=52 starts showing up. What does that error mean? I have full logging on and finally caught the problem when it occured, but the logs really aren't telling me anything. =/

Anonymous connections are reused; if a connection for whatever reason
is broken, back-ldap fails (e.g. if the remote server is shut down and restarted;
I understand this is not your case, so the failure reason must be somewhere else).

This was fixed in 2.2.15: if a reused connection fails with err 52, it's closed, so
that a new one can be opened for the following request. You'll see err 52 only
once per failure, not forever (I'm considering the opportunity to make back-ldap
retry directly, but the hack doesn't appear so simple, it needs more work).

Of course, if you're already using 2.2.15 the problem must be somewhere else.
In this case, I suggest you file an ITS and provide as much info as possible to
help tracing the real problem (i.e. where the connection breaks).


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