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Re: ldbm backend database corruption problem

Le mercredi 18 août 2004 à 17:00 +0200, a écrit :
> Hi!
> >> Did you specify the database prefix with slapcat option -b or -n, to
> >> specify wich suffix to save?
> We do have more than one suffix. I think I did specify either one, but I
> need to double check. Does it make a difference if I use -b or -n?
you have to run slapcat one time for each suffix you have in your
slapcat -b o=foo > save-foo.ldif
slapcat -b o=bar > save-bar.ldif
slapcat -b "dc=example, dc=com" > save-example-com.ldif

It's the same with slapadd, when you will restore your database :
slapcat -b o=foo -l save-foo.ldif
slapcat -b "dc=example, dc=com" -l save-example-com.ldif

Good luck. 


Arnault Teissier <roswel@assonetworx.com>
Association Networx

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