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Re: OpenLdap's Scalability

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 09:46:52AM -0400, Kurt Palmer wrote:
> 	I am trying to assess the scalability of OpenLdap for a project
> 	i am working on. I am aware that Sun's Iplanet is capable of
> 	scaling to millions of users and would like to know [especially
> 	to prove to upper management] if OpenLdap is being "used" in
> 	such a large scale deployment.

I have a production openldap system with around 1.2 million ISP user
accounts in it. Of that, only about 600 thousand are actually active
over the period of a month, but based on the performance I've seen, I
would have no doubt that it could handle a couple of million without any



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