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RE: Slurpd and cpu usage

Thanks Andreas,  that was it!

Moved the replogfile and all is now well (seemingly for now:))...


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From: Andreas [mailto:andreas@conectiva.com.br]
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 6:21 AM
To: James Courtney
Cc: Howard Chu; Quanah Gibson-Mount; Openldap list
Subject: Re: Slurpd and cpu usage

On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 04:45:00AM -0400, James Courtney wrote:
> Good point, embrace the -d option...
> BTW, can slurpd be set up to log to syslog or not?
> After initialization I get the following repeating over and over again
> at a high rate.
> new work in
> /apps/openldap/2.2.15/var/openldap-slurp/replica/slurpd.replog
> copy replog
> "/apps/openldap/2.2.15/var/openldap-slurp/replica/slurpd.replog" to
> "/apps/openldap/2.2.15/var/openldap-slurp/replica/slurpd.replog"
> Why is it copying the file to itself?!

ops, gotcha :)

Choose a different replogfile filename.