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RE: Slurpd and cpu usage

Thanks Howard,
	Clearly I missunderstood the documentation.  I have things working fine now.  While I understand you're RTFM suggestion, rest assured that I've been through the man pages several if not many times and I don't think this is a completely transparent part of the docs.


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James Courtney wrote:

>Don't they share the file in a producer->consumer fashion with slapd
>writing and slurpd reading/truncating?
Yes slapd writes and slurpd reads/truncates. But it doesn't work the way 
you seem to believe.

>  There's only one config option
>for this so I have to assume that there's only one file since they
>(slapd and slurpd) share that config file.
You don't have to assume anything. Read the slurpd(8) manpage.

>  I'll try changing the
>location though and see what we get.

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