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RE: Slurpd and cpu usage

Good point, embrace the -d option...

BTW, can slurpd be set up to log to syslog or not?

After initialization I get the following repeating over and over again
at a high rate.

new work in
copy replog
"/apps/openldap/2.2.15/var/openldap-slurp/replica/slurpd.replog" to

Why is it copying the file to itself?!


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James Courtney wrote:

>Hey Quanah,
>Does slurpd.status show the time stamps go up during replication? Yes
>Are all the slurpd bits also owned by the same user as the slapd user? 
>Is replication working correctly?
>Seems to, but I'm new to this...
>What are your configs for your replicas?
>See attached slapd.master.conf and slapd.slave.conf...
>After the first update to the master, slurpd now sits at 24+% CPU!?
So start slurpd with debugging enabled and have a look at what it's 
actually doing.

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