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RE: Slurpd and cpu usage

--On Friday, August 13, 2004 10:31 PM -0400 James Courtney <Jcourtney@inphonic.com> wrote:

Anyone seen this on Linux, this is probably my most serious issue right
now as my slurpd doesn't play nice with my slapd and I'm suspecting that
the high CPU load is tied to this.  Basically the slapd by itself stays
up all day long, with slurpd, down many times.  Usually a nice 2GB
slapd.replog is generated for me too.  I'm running a cron of the one-shot
slurpd which is working okay but I'd really like to know what's hurting
me here.  Both 2.1.25 and 2.2.15 exhibit the same high CPU load (in dev).
I can't verify a stability change with 2.2.15 yet as I don't have it in
production, still need to devise tests...

Does slurpd.status show the time stamps go up during replication? Are all the slurpd bits also owned by the same user as the slapd user? Is replication working correctly? What are your configs for your replicas?


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