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Matthew J. Smith wrote:

 We are running a number of SuSE linux boxes, and will soon be running
SuSE instances on zVM on a z-Series IBM mainframe.  Two questions for
the list:

1)  Does anyone maintain or know of a repository of SuSE RPMs,
containing "up to date" (2.2.13+) OpenLDAP RPMs (primarily Intel, but
eventually I will also need zSeries)?  Unfortunately, SuSE only seems to
supply 2.2.6 + patches, which I experience some flakiness with.

2)  Does anyone run OpenLDAP on SuSE (or any flavor of Linux) on a
z-Series mainframe?  Has it been a good experience?  Any optimizations
or special settings that have helped performance?

Any input is much appreciated,

We (Symas) have 2.2.15 x86 RPMs built on SuSE 8 available for download. We don't have a z-Series Linux build at the moment; the only z-Series builds I've done were on the native z/OS. I have no idea how Linux behaves on the z-Series.

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