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Re: another referral question

"joemoyle" <joemoyle@simhouston.com> writes:

> I'm experimenting with OpenLDAP. I have it up and running. I was able to successfully add,
> delete, modify, and search for users with an LDIF file exactly like those in the OpenLDAP
> 2.2 Administrator's Guide. As I move on to something more like what I want to do I've run
> into problems adding a user with an LDIF file. I've attempted to strip down my slapd.conf
> file to the bare minimum needed. I can start slapd without error. Here is what I execute
> and see ldapadd -f AddDomain.ldif -x -D "cn=WWSAdmin,o=WWS" -w secret
> adding new entry "o=WWS,dc=JoeTest,dc=com"
> ldapadd: update failed: o=WWS,dc=JoeTest,dc=com

> suffix "o=WWS"

the entry "o=WWS,dc=JoeTest,dc=com" doesn't match your suffix.


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