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Re: ldapmodify hangs on ldif import

--On Wednesday, August 11, 2004 1:27 PM -0500 Fran Fabrizio <fran@cis.uab.edu> wrote:

What is your underlying database software (BDB, gdbm, etc)?

Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.2.52: (December 3, 2003)

4.2.52, or 4.2.52 with patches? You need to have 4.2.52 with the patches...

What does your configuration file for the underlying database software
have in it?

Purely default install of Sleepycat BDB.

Hm, that could be a major problem. You really must set up a DB_CONFIG file with parameters if you want OpenLDAP to behave.

Why are you using ldapadd and not slapadd?

Because I was working with the PADL Migration tools and the LDIF data on my workstation, not the server. Thought slap* utilities were server-side and ldap* client-side. Is that not right? Is it safer to do the updates directly on the server via slapadd? Does this care if the server is currently online or not (docs and LDAP System Administration don't mention it but thought I'd ask). I always figured slapadd was what you do to restore after you do a slapcat.

That is right, but it is better when doing large imports to use slapadd.

Ok, now on to the problem, which has cleared up.  After I reproduced the
problem three times and it froze at the same place each time, and each
time I had to do a kill -9, this finally corrupted the db, and I had to
perform a db_recover.  After doing this, I cannot reproduce the error.
Perhaps my database was in a slightly corrupted state already when I was
doing this testing.  This might be related to a different problem I'm
having but I will post that in a separate thread after more testing (I
often can't get slapd to respond to a kill -INT).

I really think not having a properly configured BDB environment could lead to the issue you saw.


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