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Re: ldapmodify hangs on ldif import

--On Wednesday, August 11, 2004 9:57 AM -0500 Fran Fabrizio <fran@cis.uab.edu> wrote:

I was performing an ldapmodify ldif import today on my test ldap server. We're migrating from NIS, but while NIS is still live, I periodically sync the NIS passwords into LDAP by using the PADL migration tools to dump the NIS passwd/shadow into an ldif and then using ldapmodify to load into LDAP. We have ~ 1000 users. This morning, it hung on a particular user, to where slapd was taking up 99.9% CPU and not responding to any other requests. It required a kill -9. I repeated the behavior and it hung in the exact same spot. I removed that particular record from the LDIF and it went a lot farther, but then hung on another account (again, behavior that I could repeat predictably).

What version of OpenLDAP?
What is your backend database (bdb, ldbm, hdb)?
What is your underlying database software (BDB, gdbm, etc)?
What does your configuration file for the underlying database software have in it?
Why are you using ldapadd and not slapadd?


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