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How to verify windows accounts with OpenLDAP accounts??

What's up all:

I'm not very familiar with LDAP, however I need to research a certain

We want to configure a logon script for our Windows users that runs a query
on an OpenLDAP to verify account information. Basically when the user logs
in to the windows domain, his account info (username, password & MAC
address) are checked against the account info in the OpenLDAP (which will be
populated manually). If the account infos match, the OpenLDAP needs to
create a "cookie" file on the user's PC with the matched account information
(username, password & MAC address). If the accounts don't match (e.g.
username/password incorrect, or username/password with differnet MAC
address), no action is needed.

Can you guys give me any idea on where to start? Thanks.

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