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Re: ldap backend + ldapi

Daniel Henninger <daniel@unity.ncsu.edu> writes:

> Folk,
> I had an old base dn redirecting to our new base dn by utilizing an
> ldap backend.  I was using ldapi:/// as the URI.  Earlier today, the
> backend stopped responding.  Judging from truss's output, I was
> getting an EPIPE when write attempts were made to the ldapi:///
> socket/pipe/whatever it should be called.  I have now reconfigured
> slapd to use the URI ldap://localhost/ instead, which seems to be
> working for now.  (then again, since I stopped and restarted slapd, I
> bet ldapi would have worked as well)  Anyway, has anyone else using a
> ldap backend run into issues with it as of 2.2.13?  How about with
> ldapi?  (and if so, did switching to ldap://localhost/ do the trick)
> Thanks!

Unfortunately the pipe ldapi has to be world executable, that is a mod
777 which is not default on many systems.


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