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Re: wildcard search

--On Monday, August 09, 2004 3:28 PM +0200 Peter Schober <peter.schober@univie.ac.at> wrote:

I can't seem to make sense of some log-file entries so please bear
with me even if this is possibly slightly off-topic:

when searching on my openldap 2.2.13 for a string (e.g. "bla") or "."
using Thunderbird or Mozilla Mail (version or OS doesn't seem to
matter AFAICT) the filter seems to be ok an I get this in my

  filter: (|(mail=*bla*)(cn=*bla*)(givenName=*bla*)(sn=*bla*))

so these attributes are what mozilla searches for. but when I search
for "*" (to get any/all entries) the logfile shows

  filter: (|(?=undefined)(?=undefined)(?=undefined)(?=undefined))

which leaves me confused. why should the searched attributes change
depending from the content of the search?
I've seen other problems with mozilla and searching in the lists
archives but these were related to mozilla searching for attributes
the server has no idea about, so this seems to be an unrelated

now, searching another openldap server (2.1.4, the one being replaced
be the one above) from the *same* client produces the following
log entries:

  filter: (|(mail=*)(cn=*)(givenName=*)(sn=*))

which looks perfectly reasonable. "allow bindv2" on or off doensn't
seem to change anything, so this also happens with v3 IIRC.

to make this even more confusing I sniffed the connection with
ethereal and *both* searches with "*" have the same filter settings
transmitted (decoded by Ethereal):

  Filter: (|(mail=)(cn=)(givenname=)(sn=))

since the server is working ok in any other respect I assumed a
mozilla problem, but since mozilla works ok with the other server I'm
now rather unsure how to proceed.

I probably need to look for something else than just the "filter" in
my log files?

You might test having a slapd running with "-d -1" and watch the output from a single wildcard search...


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