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Re: LDAP Slowness

--On Monday, August 09, 2004 8:32 AM -0700 Luke Miller <millerlu@integraonline.com> wrote:

I did some more testing based on some responses to my previous message.
I discovered that I was running ldbm not bdb.  So I installed openldap
2.2.15 with bdb and loaded my database in to it (after lots of schema
changes) and discovered that it is MUCH faster.  The reason I haven?t
upgraded yet is that we have some software that queries some of our LDAP
servers that doesn?t support LDAPv3 yet.  But that is not a concern for
this system I am having problems with.  So, I have a few questions:

1.  Can you replicate data using slurpd from 2.0.27 to 2.2.15?  Right now
I am getting an ?Unknown error?.


2. Does 2.0.27 support bdb?


Any other suggestions would be appreciated too.

Enable Ldapv2 binds in 2.2.15 with the allow bind_v2 option, and upgrade.


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