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Re: Unicode?

--On Friday, August 06, 2004 6:12 PM -0400 Daniel Henninger <daniel@unity.ncsu.edu> wrote:

So are you telling me I'm going to have to base64 encode every freakin'
line in my ldif files???  (well at least every one that could have
special characters)  I thought openldap was supposed to support UTF-8?
Can it not support UTF-8 in a ldif file?

What is the syntax for base64 encoding?  Like lets say the line is:
cn: Daniel Henninger (and the e had an accent mark above it)
What would a corresponding base64 line look like?

I'm told our old ldap server was compiled with "8 bit character support
enabled"  I don't see that that exists in any newer versions.  Any idea
what that's all about?

Not quite -- OpenLDAP has always handled the encoding for me when using ldapadd, slapadd, and ldapmodify. Perhaps the syntax of the attribute you are adding isn't correct in the schema? Is this a custom attribute? predefined attribute? What does the schema definition for that attribute describe it as?


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