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Re: Add autofs schema to existing

Hi Kent...

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 11:10, kent@www.warehamportal.mec.edu wrote:
> Where can I get a copy of autofs schema and any advice on how to add this
> to an existing directory? I realize I have to shutdown slapd and add the
> schema to slapd.conf but I also have 4 slaves. Does this sound like a
> resonable way to do this:
> slapcat a copy of the directory to ldif file
> install the new schema with the old in the master
> start the master
> slappadd the copy of the directory to the master
> stop the master
> wipe out the relogs
> copy db files to slaves
> copy autofs.schema to slaves, slapd.conf
> start the master
> start the slaves
> Is there an easier way?

edit slapd.conf insert schema line
restart slapd

no need to mess around dumping data etc.

before you start though... decide on which automount schema you want to
use. There are two. Theres the nis schema which is described in RFC2307
and the automount schema described in RFC2307bis (an expired internet
draft). Different Linux distros use different schema. Redhat has patched
the automounter to be able to use both schemas and Suse uses these
patches too which helps. Debian (still?) insists on the automount
schema. Not sure about others. The PADL migration tools use the
nisObject approach

I've attached a copy of the automount schema as packaged with
autofs-ldap on debian. the nis schema comes as standard with openldap.

Note, I found it extremely difficult to find good recommendations of
which to use or which would be most future-proof. Redhat has swung one
way, however solaris has swung the other (albeit in a slightly
proprietary way!). I opted for the automount schema on the grounds that
I needed to support autofs on a number of different Linux distros....


> Kent N
Greg Matthews
iTSS Wallingford	01491 692445
# Depends upon core.schema and cosine.schema

# OID Base is
# Attribute types are under
# Object classes are under
# Syntaxes are under

# Attribute Type Definitions

attributetype ( NAME 'automountInformation'
        DESC 'Information used by the autofs automounter'
        EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match

objectclass ( NAME 'automount' SUP top STRUCTURAL
        DESC 'An entry in an automounter map'
        MUST ( cn $ automountInformation $ objectclass )
        MAY ( description ) )

objectclass ( NAME 'automountMap' SUP top STRUCTURAL
        DESC 'An group of related automount objects'
        MUST ( ou ) )