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Add autofs schema to existing


I have been testing unified logins (Windows PC-samba and Linux desktop
clients) and feel that to keep info in files on Linux PCs would become a
nightmare over time. Right now all user and group information is in LDAP
so I'd like to use LDAP for automount info also.

Where can I get a copy of autofs schema and any advice on how to add this
to an existing directory? I realize I have to shutdown slapd and add the
schema to slapd.conf but I also have 4 slaves. Does this sound like a
resonable way to do this:

slapcat a copy of the directory to ldif file
install the new schema with the old in the master
start the master
slappadd the copy of the directory to the master
stop the master
wipe out the relogs
copy db files to slaves
copy autofs.schema to slaves, slapd.conf
start the master
start the slaves

Is there an easier way?

Kent N