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Re: slurpd setup

man, 26.07.2004 kl. 20.33 skrev Andreas:

> > I think slurpd picked up the changes because when I looked at the
> > slurpd.log file it had entries that looked like my changes,but they
> > weren't moved over to the other server. How does that connection work?
> It's a simple LDAP connection. Check the server logs to see if at least
> slurpd attempted a login.
> You may also run slurpd manually to see what happens, in one-shot mode.
> Something like
> slurpd -o -r your-replogfile
> and perhaps add some debugging output (-d 256).

Also, check that you can telnet to your slapd port from each machine to
the other - I had trouble wilt a firewall on the router in between at my
first attempt.



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