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slurpd setup

I have a master server with the following config:

replica uri=ldap://
        bindmethod=simple credentials=****
replogfile /var/lib/openldap-data/replication.slurpd

and a client server with this config:

updatedn "cn=Manager,dc=cougarnet,dc=bible,dc=edu"
        bindmethod=simple credentials=****
updateref uri=ldap://

Changes in Master are not showing up in the client. I've changed
passwords and Added users to the Master. The client doesn't reflect the
change. Also /var/lib/openldap-data/replication.slurpd on both do not
contain anything and the files has rw persmission for owner. The
owner:group is ldap:ldap like the rest of the files in the directory.

What else needs to be checked?